July 1, 2008

Chipotle Dressing

There was chipotle dressing all down the front of her dress. And she was storming down the street because of it. Well, more like what caused the dressing to be all down her dress. Her boyfriend. She muttered quietly to herself, and almost ran over an elderly man. She started to apologize, but stopped when she heard the swears coming out of his mouth. Apparently, the man thought that she didn't understand Cantonese. She ignored the man and headed up to her apartment.

As she was ruffling around in her bag, she heard a noise from the inside her apartment. She placed her ear up to the door, and just as she did, there was a crash. It sounded like glasses. Then there was the sound of panicked muttering. Sam should have left. She should have called the police. But apparently, she had no sense of self- preservation. Even though there was a chance that whoever was in her apartment could have a gun, and therefore harm her. But her curiosity got the better of her. And she had to change her dress. She slid her keys into the lock, slowly. The muttering continued. Sam slowly turned her key.