June 30, 2008

The Unitary Scout

"Wishes are like stars that you hold in your hands." The old lady was telling her. Kim fought the urge to roll her eyes. Everyone knew that stars were really just enormous balls of burning gases. Secondly, that sentence made no sense. Everyone also knew that. Everyone, but the old lady, apparently. Kim looked down the dusty road. Then she looked back at the old lady. The old lady was reaching out a gnarly, twisted hand. Kim instinctively jerked away from her. The old lady didn't seem to notice the jerk. Instead the hand closed around nothing, and she got up slowly. The old lady tried to look up at her, but as she was hutch-backed, she could look no further than Kim's chest area. Kim took a large step back. Again, the old lady didn't notice.

"Remember that, wishes are like like stars that you hold in your hands. That is how you'll find your quest." Then she turned and walked away. Kim looked around her, to make sure that no one was around. Then she pulled out a small data pad out of an arm pouch. She didn't know if the Unitary wanted to know that every single old person was possibly insane, but she entered it in anyway. She sliped the data pad back into her arm pouch and closed it off. Hopefully, the Unitary wouldn't want to come here. Because if They didn't want to come here, she wouldn't have to continue bothering with this kooky planet. She would be able to just go home, and be with her girlfriend.