July 10, 2008

Grandpa Killer

Tyce and Owen were sitting on his front porch, reading the paper.

"Did you hear about this Grandpa Killer fellow?" Tyce asked him, not looking up from the paper. Owen was doing the crossword puzzle. He had be seething since he had turned on the tv and saw the TV anchorman dub him the Grandpa Killer.

"No." Owen answered, trying to sound like he wasn't really paying attention.

"You know that serial killer that's been killing people in town lately?" Tyce put down the paper. Owen sighed inwardly. He was hoping that Tyce would just leave it be. But he should have known that Tyce wouldn't leave this alone. Owen put his paper down on the table between them. "The Journal has a name for him now- the Grandpa Killer." Owen felt a muscle in his jaw twinge.

"It makes him sound like a puppy rather than a wolf." Owen said. It was odd to talk about himself like that.

"Owen, I think you're batting for the wrong team." And Owen knew he would say that, considering how Tyce had been on the forensics team since he got out of high school. "A 90 year old should not be out killing people. He should have enough maturity and smarts to know that he will get caught. The bad guys always lose, Owen, always lose." Owen didn't say anything. 90 year old!! He was not 90. He was 83! 83! no where close to 90! And he didn't look like he was 90, at least he didn't think so. "But the media probably shouldn't dub the guy names; he might take offense to it and start kill the media personalities." Tyce picked up his paper and began to read again.

Killing media personalities. That was a good idea.

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note #2: sorry if this sounds all disconnected. I was watching the results show of So You Think You Can Dance.

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