July 9, 2008

Labyrinth Riddle Twist

I have a friend that professionally runs ultras. Ultras are ultra marathons, for those of you not savy enough to know. Meaning that they are races that have a longer distance than your run of the mill marathons. If you think it's crazy to run several hours in an urban environment, then try running for serveral days, in the some of the world's most extreme environments (ie the desert). Add to that the 60 or so pounds you have to carry around with you (food, water, tent ect.). People that run ultras are insanely passionate about running. That said I hate running. Absolutely hate it. But I have been running for days, mind you, no pack of food and stuff, but still for days. Something had been chasing me around this maze for days on end. So you could imagine how happy I was when I read the first line of the note that was tacked to a tree stump.

"Congrats. You've made it to the end." I wanted to scream and jump around, but my feet were so shredded and my head was spinning so badly that I thought I was going to black out and whack my head on the stump. I continued to read.

"One final test before you can leave though. There are two guards. One of them will always lie to you X times before telling you one truth. The other will always tell you the truth Y times before telling you a lie. And you have anywhere between 10-30 minutes before one of the gets piss off at you for asking tricky questions and stabs you."

I look up to see the exit guarded by two guys with mohawks and multiple piercings. They both hold long serrated blades.

Oh, frak.

Author's Note: Rob likes to run ultras, if you wanted to know more about a person that runs ultra marathons.

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