June 4, 2010


"That's a pretty good costume you got there." The voice in his ear crackled through the tiny ear piece.

"Well, I can't have anyone recognizing me." He grumbled back angrily. "Our terms, remember?"

"Of course, I remember Mr. Dyer. It was in fact, I that came up with such terms." The voice chuckled. "Or do you need me to remind you."

"No, I don't need another reminder."

"If you save the city from the vermin that rule the city, I'll give you your pretty, picture-perfect family back."


"Unharmed." The voice confirmed. "I am a man of my word."

"Sure." Mr. Dyer answered, trying not to sound sarcastic and failing.

"You did see the paper headlines this morning, right?"

Mr. Robbie Dyer chewed the inside of his lip. He had indeed seen it. It was hard not to. It was everywhere. "Gun Lord empire brought down overnight." Well, only one of the Gun Lords had been brought down. Kane Chesterson. And Mr. Dyer had been the one that brought down the Gun Lord down the night before. And now he had to bring own the rest of the Gun Lords in the city. Before an outright fight began to get Kane's territory and such.

"How the fuck did you find out about my powers?" He asked through gritted teeth.

"Language, Mr. Dyer. You don't want Mrs. Dyer to become upset and do something that would make me kill her in front of your children, do you? That could be years of psychological damage that could take years to undo."

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May 25, 2010


It came while Annie was asleep. It crawled up her bedpost and scampered across her pillow. It twitched and  then rotated around as if looking around. Which was an odd thing for this creature, as it had no eyes. Nor did it have any antennas of any form
How it was able to sense Annie's mouth is a mystery. This creature has never been discovered by the scientific community And the chances for its discovery are very very slim.

January 19, 2010

This is messed up

The world as we know it ceased to exist at 8:34. Or at least that's what it appeared to be. There doesn't seem to be anyone here that will tell me. Anyone friendly, that is. Because there does seem to be people, shooting at me every once in a while. couldn't tell you why, on account of waking up with no memory of what happened.

 All I remember is my childhood. The last thing I remember is my 8th birthday. Then I woke up. In the hospital. With a wristband around my wrist. Ray Parks. Admitted Sept. 4, 2014.