July 6, 2008


I stared at the girl before me. Her face, which was blackened by dirt was now streaked with tears. I could see her pale skin in the tear steaks. She was shaking all over. It was from withdrawal. I looked away from her, disgusted.

"Please, I just need more money. It'll be the last one I ever buy." She grabbed my arm. I pushed her off me.

"I don't know you." I told her, rubbing the spot on my arm where she had grabbed me.

"Please, Morgan." Her voice was muffled by her hands. I could tell she was crying more.

"I said, I don't know you."

"But I'm your sister." She continued to beg. I look at her long and hard.

"I don't have a sister. Now fuck off before I call the police." I slammed the door in her face.
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