July 11, 2008

Soul Sucker

Have you ever seen a demon? No? What about a vampire? No? I bet you've never heard about this sort of supernatural creatures as well. I mean in credible newspapers and the like. Movies and books and podcasts don't count. I'm talking about real life. Like how in real life, if I were to punch you in the face it would hurt alot. You'd probably die. Die painfully. But if you were reading one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books and "you" got punched, it wouldn't hurt, would it? Unless you walked in front of a speeding bus with failing brakes while reading that line. Then it would hurt.

Well, I have. I've seen more than I care or want to count. Demons and vampires and everything else in between. Yes, that's right, they really do exist in real life. Although their characteristics are fictional. Like the fact that vampires burn in the daylight. They don't. There's one walking by right now. He looks so human, doesn't he? What? You want me to kill him right here? Yea, that will go down well the the authorities. No, I'm not going to be killing him here.

What, you want to know why I'm telling you this? Because I think this time I might actually die. So, I'm telling you this for shits and giggles. Even though I'll get in so much trouble. That and, if there will be a successor to what I do, I guess you'll have a step up from hearing me ramble. It'll be like pseudo-experience.

How will I die? Soul sucker, for lack of a better name.